Aromatherapy wax melts - Aileen
Aromatherapy wax melts - Aileen

Aromatherapy wax melts - Aileen

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These beautiful aromatherapy wax melts are available in 10 scents.

These Snug branded wax melt discs, come in a cotton bag of 15 melts, each of which burns for approximately 6 hours, 2 tea lights and little 'surprise' to enhance your wax melt experience.

About the Fragrance (Aileen)

Neroli was the ingredient of the original ‘eau de cologne’. Add in lavender which has been used in perfumery since ancient times, and you achieve a beautiful rich aroma enhanced with citrus notes. This candle is a real tonic and is named after my late mother Aileen, whose name means ‘light’ – very appropriate for this favourite of mine. – Mo

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