MO’s story

Born and raised in Yorkshire of Irish stock, youngest of eight…

As an aromatherapist of many years, I light candles during treatments to create a relaxing, ambient space. Candles have also played a big part in my personal life and when friends were buying makeup, shoes and handbags, I would choose to treat myself to a lovely candle instead, simply because it made me feel good.

I now feel incredibly fortunate to be able to combine my life long appreciation of candle light with my knowledge of perfumery and my burning passion for the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to create what I believe to be a genuinely beautiful candle which looks good, smells good and does you good.

Candles mean different things to different people. To me, what I desire from a candle is a lovely golden glow, a pleasing, even burn pool and a subtle yet enchanting scent. Natural ingredients. No black smoke. And no soot marks. Being a Yorkshire lass, I also like to get my money’s worth and so I expect a candle to burn down completely!

From Day One, Snug Aromatics has been committed to clear principles – To be authentic. Ethical. Understated. To deliver an exceptional product and experience. And to keep our promises. Therefore, all our candles are made from 100% natural wax, and the essential oils are the same high quality as the ones I use with my massage clients, as I will not compromise the quality of my product or your experience for commercial gain.

All the candles are handmade by me, from the chopping of the wax block to the melting, blending, warming the glass, wicking, and pouring and packaging. Which means that at times there may be imperfections. This I accept as part of the process, and a part of me. I am imperfect, and so each candle is in some way imperfect. So each candle is unique.

I have been very lucky to have had wonderful support from family and friends throughout my journey. Their feedback in the early days proved invaluable, and still does, and I now look forward to my candles being lit in many homes throughout the Country. And I always welcome feedback.

Thank you,


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