“Looks good. Smells good. Does you good.”



  • Each and every one of Snug’s candles and other products are conceived and hand crafted by Mo in her Yorkshire home, with 100% natural ingredients, all personally sourced and tested.
  • We use only carefully selected and tested natural waxes and essential oils. Meticulously measured and mixed. Hand poured around a natural-wax-dipped cotton wick.
  • All candle blends are scent-tested while slumbering, and again when lit, for glow quality, scent throw, melt pool and burn duration. Many times.
  • Every candle is handmade by Mo. So every candle is imperfect. So every candle is unique.




  • No additives. Of any type. For any reason.
  • No paraffin or mineral by-products.
  • No bulking agents, synthetic scents or chemicals.
  • No animal testing. No cruelty. No threat to pets.
  • No soot marks.
  • Vegan.
  • Highest quality wax and wicks locally sourced.
  • No false claims or promises.
  • Packaging made locally in Yorkshire from 100% recycled cardboard.




  • No overpowering scents fuelled by paraffin.
  • No redundant packaging or excess cost – Just as the oils earn their place, every other component must too. Allowing us to invest the money where it matters most.