“Looks good. Smells good. Does you good.”



  • Each and every one of Snug’s candles and other products are conceived and hand crafted by Mo in her Yorkshire home, with 100% natural ingredients, all personally sourced and tested.
  • We use only carefully selected and tested natural waxes and essential oils. Meticulously measured and mixed. Hand poured around a natural-wax-dipped cotton wick.
  • All candle blends are scent-tested while slumbering, and again when lit, for glow quality, scent throw, melt pool and burn duration. Many times.
  • Every candle is handmade by Mo. So every candle is imperfect. So every candle is unique.




  • No additives. Of any type. For any reason.
  • No paraffin or mineral by-products.
  • No bulking agents, synthetic scents or chemicals.
  • No animal testing. No cruelty. No threat to pets.
  • No soot marks.
  • Vegan.
  • Highest quality wax and wicks locally sourced.
  • No false claims or promises.
  • Packaging made locally in Yorkshire from 100% recycled cardboard.




  • No overpowering scents fuelled by paraffin.
  • No redundant packaging or excess cost – Just as the oils earn their place, every other component must too. Allowing us to invest the money where it matters most.
  • Wooden lids included. Some people use the lid to keep the candle dust free, or for aesthetic reasons. Others choose to leave the lid off to enjoy the fragrance and beneficial effects of the candle’s essential oils, even when unlit. Your candle, your choice.