Mo’s fragrances are all uniquely blended by hand using only therapeutic grade essential oils.  Each blend contains oils at just the right level which complement each other, creating synergy.  These carefully selected oils can also benefit the mind and body.  Mo spends a lot of time creating scents to add to her candles and products and only the finest blends make the grade.



Scent of a Winter Forrest with pine, fir, spruce and eucalyptus – a pleasant balsamic warm, woody scent with sweet undertones.



This sunny, citrus candle delivers so much more than just a warm glow and beautiful, invigorating scent. Lemon verbena is renowned for easing stress and relieving tension so inhaling this uplifting fragrance will help you to maintain your zest for life.


Neroli was the ingredient of the original ‘eau de cologne’. Add in lavender which has been used in perfumery since ancient times, and you achieve a beautiful rich aroma enhanced with citrus notes. This candle is a real tonic and is named after my late mother Aileen, whose name means ‘light’ – very appropriate for this favourite of mine. – Mo


Balance your mind and body with a gorgeous blend of calming and restorative oils. The core combination of pure lavender and geranium bond with a refreshing bouquet of citrus notes to fill your home with an enchanting aroma.


Infused with a core of pure essentials oils celebrated for their benefits to the respiratory system, this invigorating essence will help clear your head whilst radiating a clean, fresh aroma. Crisp peppermint and eucalyptus enriched with a deep base note of cedarwood.


With the musky base scent of patchouli lifting the fresh aromas of lavender and sweet citrus, this candle is a firm favourite for the winter months. It’s warm amber glow, and comforting fragrance create a feeling of happiness and warmth in any home.


This is a real grounding scent.  An earthy blend with warm, sweet and spicy attitude.  Containing woody notes of cedarwood and clove, along with spicy black pepper, bergamot and cardamom.


A good night’s sleep is crucial to our wellbeing. The oils in this blend enhance relaxation and sleep.  This beautiful sweet, floral blend contains Roman Chamomile and lavender, with their sedative properties, Cedarwood which aids the release of serotonin and lemon helping to remove mental fatigue.

Seasonal Fragrances

The following fragrances are available at specific times of the year only. See the footnote for details of each product’s availablity.


This comforting Christmas candle combines classic favourites of cinnamon, nutmeg and cedarwood, along with spicy notes of cardamom and sweet vanilla. ** Note: This fragrance is only available during the Christmas season.


The pleasant, warming aroma of cinnamon coupled with sweet citrus note of sweet orange, promotes feelings of happiness and warmth. ** Note: This fragrance is only available during the Christmas season.