Aromatherapy Hair and Body Wash - Verbena

Aromatherapy Hair and Body Wash - Verbena

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This invigorating blend will help you maintain a zest for life, containing Verbena essential oils which is renowned for easing stress and tension.

The Verbena Aromatherapy range includes: hand wash, hair and body wash, hair conditioner and hand and body lotion.

As part of our Snug going green initiative, we have put a lot of time and thought into the packaging of these products and have opted for 100% recyclable and compostable sugar cane bottle with 100% recyclable caps and pumps.

This natural SLS free hair and body wash contains therapeutic grade essential oils.

Instructions:  Apply a small amount and mix to a lather and wash off with water.

Try our Verbena aromatherapy hand and body lotion and hair conditioner which complements this product.

Bottle size: 250ml

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